Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Big Dumb Duh

Sooooo, in my excitement about this new blog, I told many, many people about it...AND provided the URL. This isn't a huge problem. Except for one person. I told him the URL all as if I have nothing to hide, I'm an open book, visit, read, enjoy! Which for the most part is true. (I mean, anything I have to hide I have totally well-hidden so he'll never know anyway. Heh heh.) But now, NOW that he knows the URL, I can't write about him and get feedback from all of you fine reader(s). Which makes me, of course, a big dumb duh. Because now I have to relinquish the opportunity to make this here blogspace a forum for receiving advice about me, me and my life, which sucks because I really loathe anything that limits my opportunities to hear what others think about me, me, and my life (preferably complimentary observations, preferably in run-on sentence fashion, as seen here, in this very sentence). So, we clearly have to take this baby in an all-eyes-are-allowed-to-read direction. Instead of pages and pages of comments and virtual dialog about how Emily should go about winning this fella over, you guys may have to limit your thoughts (and by thoughts I mean comments at the end of each blog) to just how pretty I am. Maybe that'll do the trick.


Blogger Rawk Stah! said...

wow! i can't believe how freakin' pretty you are. i almost can't look at you for fear of blushing.

5:13 PM  
Blogger ross_vegas said...

Emily is such a hotty. She's actually the reason Brad left Jennifer. Of course, once he was available Emily lost interest (you know, the thrill of the chase)...enter Angelina to pick up Emily's sloppy seconds.

6:29 AM  

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