Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Can $0.99 salve a broken heart?...aka lookin out for what's left of Lachey

I just feel so darn bad for Nick Lachey--going through a painful break-up with Jessica Simpson (a woman I've always toooootally related to)--that I bought his latest single on iTunes. It's called "What's Left of Me" and I heard about it first from my weekly iTunes update email--the one that tried to give me some yuckiness called "Ooh La La" for free. I listened to 30 throaty disconcerting seconds of ooh's and la's and vehemently declined. That's right--they can't even give that song away it sucked so bad. Had Nick's newest li'l dee been the one for free and had he not been dealing with painful heartbreak--I'm the kind of sucker consumer that celebrity managers and publicists dream of--anyway, if Nick weren't so forlorn right now (poor guy!), I probably would have declined equally as vehemently. Put plainly: his song really sucks.

At least he can keep Tiffany company in my iTunes library.


Blogger newyorquina said...

I think we're alone now... there doesn't seem to be anyone around.

I think we're along now.... the beating of our heart is the only sound.

2:12 PM  

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