Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The state of my mates

For my birthday this year, my friends—and even a fave cousin visiting from Seattle—were the total rockstars that they all are and joined me for a party with presents and cake and cupcakes and liquor and all the Red Barron four cheese frozen pizza (the best non-New York pizza going) a girl could ever ask for. I was honored and humbled and, of course, the Belle of the Ball with my tiara, fairy wings, and wand (shout out to Annie for the half-off Halloween wear!). B supplied much of the party goods—including her house—and a first-time-ever-attempt at baking a cake (lovingly lopsided deliciousness). A and T brought cupcakes in addition to CDs and a bath set (do I offend?) while T and A (heh heh) brought the biggest yummiest pudding concoction ever concocted along with handmade (by T) earrings and a beautiful scarf. C and R gave an awesome scarf as well and A and S brought iTunes money and three fab bracelets I wear often. Even Timmy and Shorty got some bling care of A (is it me or do like 75% of my friends have names that start with the letter A? Weird.) My friend H (there we go) brought a cool mini-make up touch up kit and J brought a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, wrapped thoughtfully in the plastic grocery bag in which it was carried from the store. Many people brought beer and wine to augment the margaritas being made and served by the fella I was dating at the time.

(Note: We’d dated for about three weeks at the time of the party, which made his behavior Peculiarly Boyfriend-y. Then we didn’t hang out at all anymore, which proved his behavior to be Particularly LA, in a word: peculiar. (Note #2: I have decided to write more about my dating life here, a thing I have left largely unmentioned until this point. (Note #3: I am doing this to entertain you and to make you come back more since I’ll be writing more AND because I have come to the decision that The Laptop Fund is going to come from the ads that I am going to place on this here site but won’t say anything else about that until I read about what is and isn’t allowed to say w/r/t placing said ads. (Note #4: I hope you have no problem seeing some ads around here. (Note #5: You having a problem with seeing some ads around here is tantamount to you begrudging me a new laptop and what’s up with that, Grinch? Perhaps your heart needs to grow three sizes and maybe you need to see a cute little dog to help you do just that and to help you might I refer you to the previous entry? You’ll notice that Li’l Timmy Tap looks EXACTLY like the mean Grinch’s sad little dog who tried and tried and tried to pull that huge load of presents you tried to steal from the yahoo-dorray-singing townspeople and it wasn’t in that little dog’s huge heart to steal, he was just doing it for
you, to make you happy. And did it? Did it, Grinch?! (Note #6: I’m new to this ad-placing-please-read-my-blog-so-I-can-make-some-money-thing, but maybe insulting you isn’t the way to bring you back, huh? You’re right. I’m sorry. (Note #7: I really like your shirt today.)))))))

So, the birthday party ended and the remaining folks all went to my new favorite neighborhood bar; complete with pool, pinball (pinball!), and big beers priced the size of regular-sized beers. I’m more a liquor gal myself, but I heartily respect this last feature. The place has been around since 1915 and is the oldest bar in Venice…and possibly the oldest thing in the state of California. The jukebox is filled with all manner of classic rock offerings with the occasional newer thing, but it’s not uncommon to hear some Rolling Stones, Eagles and Boston, creating a vaguely yesteryear, Anytown vibe that I find a refreshing departure from the TooCoolForSchool bar up the street where I sip wine and pick up men. Plus, it’s never crowded and the folks are nice. Hence, my new favorite bar. So we go and it’s fun. Never much to report about that place but that it’s a good time, so that thread ends right here.

…to pick up a thread abandoned shortly after the beginning of this post: presents people gave me for being alive and being awesome. Now I loved all the presents with equal amounts of love. Let’s get that straight right here and now. But, there’s one gift I wanted to highlight here: tickets. C and J got me two tickets to see Mates of State play a few weeks hence. C was the one who’d turned me on to them, which made the gift especially fab. Here’re some reasons why the show itself was fab:

  1. We’d missed them when they opened for Spoon and Cry-Me-A-Melodically-Self-Absorbed-Though-Undeniably-Catchy-River (aka Death Cab).
  2. It was the day after Thanksgiving which meant no work to rush from to get to the show (not to be underestimated in this town). This no-work-day also meant my pal H could drive up from Huntington Beach to use the other ticket.
  3. It was at the El Rey Theater, which is like a mini-Wiltern but closer and with better parking options.
  4. They were really good as were the opening acts, The Botticellis and, especially, Asobi Seksu (check them out).
  5. I had a star sighting and fell in love.

Not wanting to divulge anyone’s privacy, I’ll just give you hints to piece together the identity of said star:

  1. He was a correspondent on the Daily Show, where his brother continues to be a correspondent. This means they know Stephen Colbert (probably) and Jon Stewart (definitely). Sigh.
  2. He now acts on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and does a fabulous job.
  3. His name is Nate Corddry.

Let me tell you: he may look all little-boy style on TV, but in real life, he’s all man, my friends. Unlike others stars, who are all a solid 6-11” shorter in real life (maybe I shouldn’t spoil Luke Wilson for you), Nate was the same size you’d think he is: not super tall, but taller than me and that’s what matters (to all of you, too, I’m sure). Not only was he Actual Size, but he also had a styley beard and a hip indie-boy plaid button down. Hott. I mean it. Good thing I didn’t say hi.

I don’t want to say much else, because if I see him at shows in the future, I want to play it cool so we can start dating and not many first dates should involve the line, “So, I dissected your appearance on my blog the other day. Don’t worry, it was all good.” Everyone knows that that’s strictly second date material and I don’t want to jump the gun on this one, people. I see real potential for Nate and me. It’s probably already love, but I think we should meet to make sure.


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