Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I totally rinsed the carrot and the yogurt was unopened.

(We've already broken the TMI seal, yes? Good. Read on.) So I have been feeling a bit, um, queasy the past few days. Not constantly, but intermittently. You know, you're working along fine and then you're all Oh-Dear-God-I'd-Best-Get-To-The-Bathroom-ASAP.

At times like this, one wonders what brought it all on. So I thought to myself, Starpower, Public Health Professional, do you think your stomach sadness is due to the farmer's market carrot you ate without peeling or the yogurt that was more than a week (okay, month) postdated?

It probably depends on the way you look at it: the side of the coin that says I'm disgusting or the other side of the coin that says I'm disgusting. Tough call.