Monday, September 17, 2007

They were all "But you'll ruin our pretty diamond pattern!"

So I just took one on my own. I'd like to point out that I look tanner ALL than those dudes.

But their make up is prettier. And their hair.

Those really are some pretty, pretty men.

And, let's face it, I know pretty.

Starpower hearts a slacker

This may have been around forever, but I am in love with this streaming radio site. Check out the indie station. Or whatever you want. I don't give a care. But they do. They'll play you bands you like on request and then will play you bands like the bands you like. It's so very "If you like Giorgio, then you'll LOVE Secret Passions!" Except all the bands are legit and not weird generic made up bands. Unless you pick that station, then I guess it is. But no worries. No judgment. We're all friends here.

Arcade Fire just came on. I will be seeing them live this Thursday (woo-hoo!). And somehow, this site KNEW. Creepy. But really awesome creepy.

I'm glad we had this talk.